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Stipa tenuissima – 2L Pot


Mexican feather grass. A deciduous grass bearing feathery flowers in summer.

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A billowy grass with feathery flower panicles spring- summer. A must have for prairie planting or for a grass bed. Can create an excellent backdrop for flowers to stand out against. Best in well drained soil, in a sunny position. Height : 50cm. Width: 50cm.

Stipa tenuissima, commonly known as Mexican feather grass, is an exquisite ornamental grass renowned for its delicate and graceful appearance. With slender, thread-like green blades that sway gently in the breeze, this grass adds an ethereal quality to any garden or landscape. Particularly well-suited for prairie plantings, Stipa tenuissima seamlessly integrates with perennial companions, creating a harmonious and naturalistic composition. The feathery plumes that emerge in late spring and persist into the fall add an extra layer of visual interest, casting a soft, golden hue over the landscape. Its fine texture and subtle movement make it an ideal candidate for mixed perennial beds, where it can provide a contrasting backdrop to the bold forms and colors of flowering plants. Stipa tenuissima not only imparts a sense of airiness and elegance to the garden but also contributes to the ecological balance, attracting beneficial insects and birds. This ornamental grass embodies the beauty of prairie plantings, creating a captivating tapestry that evolves with the seasons.

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