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Prunus lusitanica Ball -60cm.


Prunus lusitanica is an evergreen shrub  of spreading habit, the dark red shoots bearing deep green ovate leaves. Small, fragrant white flowers in racemes to 25cm in length in early summer, are followed by small, dark purple fruits



Prunus lusitanica, commonly known as Portuguese laurel, is a versatile and elegant evergreen shrub that lends itself beautifully to topiary artistry. Its dense and glossy foliage makes it an ideal candidate for shaping into striking spherical forms, commonly referred to as topiary balls. These meticulously crafted living sculptures add a touch of sophistication to gardens and landscapes, providing year-round visual interest. In addition to their impeccable shape, Prunus lusitanica topiary balls boast delicate clusters of fragrant white flowers that bloom in spring, enhancing the aesthetic appeal. As an extra bonus, this species produces small, dark berries that follow the blooms, creating a charming contrast against the lush green backdrop. The combination of sculpted form, evergreen foliage, fragrant flowers, and decorative berries makes Prunus lusitanica topiary balls a captivating and enduring choice for garden enthusiasts seeking both structure and beauty in their outdoor spaces.

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