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Picea pungens glauca -90-120cm-Root balled


A dense and bushy conifer, variable in shape and size but characterised by foliage that is bright silvery blue. The erect seed cones, borne at the branch tips, are green, becoming brown and pendulous with age.

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A conical evergreen tree with blue -grey foliage. Erect brown seed cones in the autumn. Ultimate height:- 2.5-4 metres.

Picea pungens glauca, commonly known as Colorado blue spruce, is an evergreen conifer that adds a touch of elegance to landscapes with its striking blue-gray needles. This coniferous tree is celebrated for its pyramid-shaped form, reaching impressive heights and displaying a dense canopy of needles that remain vibrant year-round. The unique bluish tint of its foliage sets it apart from other evergreens, creating a visually appealing contrast in gardens and forests. With its ability to endure harsh weather conditions and adapt to various soil types, Picea pungens glauca is a resilient and low-maintenance addition to gardens and urban landscapes alike. Its aesthetic appeal and adaptability make it a popular choice for both ornamental and functional purposes, providing not only visual delight but also contributing to the ecological balance as a steadfast evergreen presence.

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Full sun

Ultimate Height

4 metres