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Olea europea (Olive) – 1/2 std-80-100cm Clear Stem


An evergreen with green leaves, silvery underneath, producing small white flowers in the spring and olives in late summer.

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he Olea europaea, commonly known as the Olive tree, takes on a refined and elevated form as a 1/2 standard topiary with an 80-100cm clear stem. This unique topiary exemplifies the marriage of ancient elegance and contemporary landscaping. The tree’s majestic crown, meticulously shaped and pruned, hovers gracefully atop a clear stem, allowing for a distinct separation between the foliage and the trunk. With its classic Mediterranean appeal, the Olive 1/2 standard topiary introduces a touch of sophistication to outdoor spaces. The clear stem not only provides a structured aesthetic but also emphasizes the distinctive, silvery-green leaves that are emblematic of the Olive tree. This living sculpture embodies a perfect blend of ornamental artistry and natural vitality, offering a versatile and visually stunning addition to gardens, courtyards, or any landscape desiring a touch of timeless beauty.