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Ligustrum ovalifolium ‘Aureum’ (Golden Privet) – Potted


The golden form of the well known hedging plant with gold margins to the leaves, golden privet will form a dense hedge when regularly clipped and can reach a large size if left un-pruned. Privet is a semi-evergreen in that it can retain its leaves in most winters, but in particularly cold winters it will drop its leaves which will come again in the spring.

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Ligustrum ovalifolium ‘Aureum,’ commonly known as Golden Privet, is a popular Semi-evergree/evergreen shrub which can retain its leaves in most winters, but in particularly cold winters it will drop its leaves which will come again in the spring. Cultivated for its vibrant and eye-catching foliage. This hedging plant is a variegated cultivar of the common privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium) and is widely used in landscaping for its ornamental qualities.

Here are some key characteristics and features of Ligustrum ovalifolium ‘Aureum’ hedging:

  1. Foliage:
    • The most distinctive feature of ‘Aureum’ is its striking golden-yellow variegation. The leaves are oval-shaped and have a glossy texture, creating a bright and cheerful appearance.
    • The golden hue adds a touch of warmth to garden spaces, making it a popular choice for creating visually appealing hedges.
  2. Growth Habit:
    • This privet cultivar has a dense and bushy growth habit, making it an excellent choice for hedging purposes.
    • It typically reaches a height of 8 to 12 feet (2.4 to 3.7 meters) when mature, and its width can be easily controlled through regular pruning.
  3. Versatility:
    • Ligustrum ovalifolium ‘Aureum’ is adaptable to various soil types and is known for its ability to thrive in both full sun and partial shade.
    • It is a hardy plant that can withstand different environmental conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of climates.
  4. Wildlife Attraction:
    • The dense foliage of this privet cultivar provides excellent shelter for birds and other small wildlife, making it a beneficial addition to garden ecosystems.
  5. Maintenance:
    • ‘Aureum’ is relatively low-maintenance and responds well to regular pruning, which helps maintain its shape and encourages dense growth.
    • Pruning can be done to shape the hedge or control its size. It is advisable to trim it in the late spring or early summer.
  6. Seasonal Interest:
    • The golden color of the leaves remains vibrant throughout the growing season, adding visual interest to the garden.
    • While it is evergreen in milder climates, in colder regions, it may lose some leaves during winter.
  7. Landscaping Uses:
    • Ligustrum ovalifolium ‘Aureum’ is commonly used for creating formal hedges, borders, or as a standalone specimen plant.
    • Its bright foliage contrasts well with darker green plants, providing a lively and dynamic element to the landscape.

Please see our GUIDE TO PLANTING HEDGES for more info.


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Full sun/partial shade

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4 metres

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4 metres