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Laurus nobilis (Bay) – Clear Stem


An evergreen, culinary or ornamental plant with clusters of small white flowers in spring. Ideal on a patio in a pot. Hardy to around -5 degrees.

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.The Laurus nobilis, commonly known as Bay, exhibits a distinctive and elegant presence when cultivated as a 1/2 standard clear stem topiary. This particular form accentuates the beauty of the plant with a clear stem that is meticulously pruned to create a visually striking and well-defined silhouette. The glossy, aromatic leaves of the Bay plant add a touch of sophistication to gardens, patios, or even indoor spaces. The 1/2 standard clear stem topiary design not only enhances the ornamental appeal of the Laurus nobilis but also makes it a versatile choice for formal landscapes and classical garden settings. With its aromatic foliage and refined structure, this Bay topiary becomes a timeless and enchanting addition to any garden or outdoor space, offering both visual allure and a hint of culinary utility for those who appreciate the use of fresh bay leaves in cooking.

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Full sun/partial shade




100cm, 120cm