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Ilex crenata Bonsai Cloud Tree


A fine piece of artistery to give the ‘Wow’ factor in any garden.

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The Ilex crenata bonsai cloud tree, shaped in Italy, represents a harmonious blend of horticultural artistry and cultural refinement. Renowned for its intricate and meticulously pruned foliage, this miniature masterpiece emulates the appearance of a billowing cloud, capturing the essence of nature in a confined, elegant form. The Ilex crenata, a species of holly, serves as the ideal canvas for Italian topiary, with its small, glossy leaves and compact growth habit. Bonsai enthusiasts and topiary artisans alike appreciate the challenge of shaping this exquisite tree into a cloud-like sculpture, showcasing their skills in precision pruning and design. Originating from the rich tradition of Italian gardening, the Ilex crenata bonsai cloud tree epitomizes the meticulous craftsmanship and aesthetic sophistication inherent in the art of topiary, creating a captivating and timeless piece for any botanical connoisseur.


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120-150cm, 150-175cm