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Ilex aquifolium ‘Pyramidalis’ (Holly) – 2L Pot – 40cm+


Ilex aquifolium ‘Pyramidalis’ Holly is a holly which is generally grown as a specimen because, as you might expect from the name, it grows into a neat pyramid. However, it also makes one of the best holly hedges being veery dense and bushy with a pleasing blue-green leaf.

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Ilex aquifolium ‘Pyramidalis,’ commonly known as Pyramidal English Holly, is a cultivar of the classic English holly. This evergreen shrub is specifically valued for its naturally upright and pyramidal growth habit, making it an excellent choice for creating formal hedges or accentuating the vertical elements in the landscape. Here are key features and considerations for Ilex aquifolium ‘Pyramidalis’ hedging:

1. Upright Growth Habit:

  • The most distinctive feature of ‘Pyramidalis’ is its naturally upright and pyramidal form. This growth habit makes it well-suited for creating tall, formal hedges or vertical accents in the garden.

2. Dense Foliage:

  • ‘Pyramidalis’ displays dense, glossy, sparsely spiny, green foliage. This dense foliage provides an effective visual screen and a polished, formal appearance.

3. Size and Pruning:

  • English holly, including the ‘Pyramidalis’ cultivar, can reach varying heights, typically ranging from 15 to 25 feet (4.5 to 7.6 meters). Regular pruning is recommended to maintain the desired height and shape, and the shrub responds well to trimming.

4. Evergreen Nature:

  • As an evergreen shrub, ‘Pyramidalis’ ensures that the hedge maintains its green appearance throughout the year. This quality is particularly desirable for creating year-round privacy screens or attractive backgrounds in the garden.

5. Berries:

  • Self fertile p[produces bright red berries without the need for a pollinating partner. The berries add seasonal interest to the hedge and provide a food source for birds.

6. Tolerance to Shading:

  • Similar to other English holly varieties, ‘Pyramidalis’ can tolerate some shade, although it generally thrives in partial to full sun. This adaptability enhances its versatility in different garden settings and light conditions.

8. Formal Appearance:

  • The naturally pyramidal shape of this cultivar lends itself well to formal landscape designs. ‘Pyramidalis’ can be employed to create stately hedges along pathways, as an accent in garden corners, or to define property borders with a classic, structured look.

Please see our GUIDE TO PLANTING HEDGES for more info.

Additional information

Preferred Aspect



Full sun;Partial shade

Soil Type






Pruning Time

Late Winter;Early Spring

Ultimate Height

6 metres

Ultimate Spread

1.5 metres