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Ilex aquifolium ‘Argentea Marginata’ -1/2 std- 80-100 cm clear stem


Evergreen holly with creamy yellow margined leaves. Small white flowers in spring followed by bright red berries in the autumn.

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Ilex ‘Argentea Marginata’ half standard topiary is an exquisite garden feature that combines the elegance of topiary with the unique characteristics of the variegated holly species. The glossy, dark green leaves of this half standard topiary are beautifully edged with a striking silver margin, creating a visually stunning contrast. This variegated foliage adds a touch of sophistication to any garden or landscape. What sets this topiary apart is not only its ornamental leaves but also its festive display of berries. During the winter months, bright red berries adorn the branches, providing a splash of color against the evergreen foliage. The combination of the topiary form, variegated leaves, and vibrant berries makes Ilex ‘Argentea Marginata’ a versatile and captivating addition to gardens, offering year-round interest and a touch of natural artistry.