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Griselinia littoralis – Potted


A fast-growing, large, evergreen shrub with light green, broadly oval leaves. Bears very small and inconspicuous yellow-green flowers in spring followed by purple fruits on female plants. Can be clipped. Used for hedging or for the back of a border.


Griselinia littoralis, commonly known as New Zealand broadleaf, is a versatile and popular evergreen shrub that is often used for hedging. Native to New Zealand, this plant is valued for its glossy, leathery leaves, tolerance to a variety of growing conditions, and its ability to form dense, attractive hedges. Here are key features and considerations for Griselinia littoralis hedging:

1. Foliage:

  • Griselinia littoralis is characterized by its leathery, bright green, and elliptical leaves. The foliage provides a lush, dense appearance, creating an effective screen when used for hedging.
  • The leaves are glossy, adding a touch of elegance to the hedge and enhancing its visual appeal.

2. Growth Habit:

  • This shrub has a naturally bushy and upright growth habit, making it well-suited for hedging purposes. It can be easily shaped and pruned to maintain the desired height and thickness.

3. Size and Pruning:

  • Griselinia littoralis can grow to various heights, typically ranging from 5 to 10 feet (1.5 to 3 meters) or more, depending on local growing conditions.
  • Regular pruning is recommended to encourage bushy growth and maintain the desired shape. Griselinia responds well to trimming, allowing for the creation of both formal and informal hedge designs.

4. Coastal Tolerance:

  • One of the notable features of Griselinia littoralis is its tolerance to coastal conditions, including salt spray. This makes it an excellent choice for hedges in coastal areas where many other plants might struggle.

5. Versatility:

  • Griselinia littoralis is adaptable to various soil types, though it prefers well-drained soil. It can also tolerate a range of light conditions, from full sun to partial shade.
  • This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of garden settings, including urban and coastal landscapes.

6. Year-Round Interest:

  • Griselinia littoralis is an evergreen shrub, providing a year-round green presence in the garden. This is particularly valuable for those seeking a hedge that maintains its aesthetic appeal even during the winter months.

Please see our GUIDE TO PLANTING HEDGES for more info.

Additional information

Preferred Aspect



Full sun/partial shade





Pruning Time

Late Summer

Ultimate Height

3 metres

Ultimate Spread

1.5 metres