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Fruit Trees – bareroot


We have got a large selection of bareroot fruit trees:
Apples – Apricots – Cherries – Hazelnuts – Medlars – Nectarines – Pears – Peaches – Plums – Quinces

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We have a huge selection of great quality bare root fruit trees including :-

Apples: ‘Ellis Bitter’ on mm106, Braeburn on M27, ‘Cox Orange Pippin’ on M27, Cox self fertile on M27, ‘Discovery’ on M27, ‘James Grieve’ on M27, ‘Laxton’s Superb’ on M27, ‘Bleinham Orange ‘ on MM106, Bountiful on MM106, ‘Discovery on MM106, Bramley on MM106, ‘James Grieve’ on MM106, ‘Peasgood Nonsuch on MM106, ‘Red Pippin’ on MM106, ‘Spartan’ on MM106

Apricot: Tross Orange Dutch

Cherries: ‘Morello’ colt, ‘Sunburst’

Nectarine : ‘Mme Blanchet’

Peach : ‘Peregrine’

Pears: ‘Doyenne Du Commice’ on quince A, ‘Concorde on quince A, ‘Williams’ on quince A, ‘Beurre Hardy on quince A, ‘Conference’ on quince A

Quince: ‘Vranja’ on quince A,

Plums: ‘Marjorie Seedling’ , ‘Medlar’, ‘Merryweather Damson’, ‘Victoria’

Please call us and let us know what you would like or specify on the order.