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Cyclamen coum


Cyclamen coum is a perennial, commonly known as the Eastern cyclamen or Persian violet.  Dainty, nodding flowers  emerge in late winter to early spring, displaying shades of pink, magenta, or white. The distinctive heart-shaped leaves have silvery marbling patterns and appear after the flowers. Cyclamen coum thrives in cool, well-drained soil and is well-suited for woodland gardens or shaded areas. Its compact size and early blooming nature make it a popular choice for adding color and interest to gardens during the late winter months. This cyclamen species is appreciated for its resilience and ability to naturalize, forming delightful carpets of flowers in appropriate environments.

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Another completely hardy cyclamen that will seed itself along a hedge and flower in colours ranging from magenta through all the pinks and white in winter. Rounded leaves that are often prettily patterned.
common NameEastern cyclamen

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Flowering Time

Late Winter/Early Spring

Soil Type


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Full shade;Partial shade