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Derwen Wholesale

About Us

Andy Joseph

The Joseph family grow and supply trees and hedging plants to the horticultural trade and the general public through their Dingle Nursery and Derwen Garden Centre which lie a few miles apart between the Mid-Wales town of Welshpool and the village of Guilsfield.

In 1968 Andy and Kathy Joseph established the Dingle Nursery on the family’s  Dingle farm. The wholesale section has developed over the years and has grown in reputation so that it now supplies County councils, landscapers, forestry outlets and private developers with trees and plants that are grown or brought on at the nursery. In 1995 the Josephs bought more land at the Derwen, Guilsfield for tree production and shortly after the Derwen Garden Centre opened.

The Josephs now run one of the largest tree and hedging nurseries in the country and as wholesalers, they can offer exceptionally good prices on trees and hedging plants. The plants that you order will have been freshly dug up by experienced employees using the company’s specialist equipment.

All the trees and hedging plants on our website run from eighteen inches to six foot in height. These are all young plants that will establish quickly. However, we also grow mature specimens that have been grown in our fields for up to eight years. If you are particularly interested in such specimen trees then please, ring us on 01938 553015 and we can discuss your needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us..